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Pet Hair Remover
Pet Hair Remover
̶$̶2̶1,̶9̶5̶  $15,95
QUICK, EASY AND EFFECTIVE - The fur remover tool easily takes care of you and your house. 2X DURABLE BLISTER system of the Pet Hair Remover better copes with complex tasks and will ensure the cleanliness of your clothes and furniture.
Rug Grippers
Rug Grippers
̶ ̶$̶1̶9̶,̶8̶5̶   $10,95
SICK AND TIRED OF CARPET MESS? Just put our gripper tape on your carpet and leave behind rug sliding and curling corners. 
Window Bird Feeder 
Window Bird Feeder 
̶$̶4̶6̶   $25,95
BIRDS NEXT TO YOU: No ordinary bird feeder will give you and your children such close contact with birds as this window birdhouse on suction pads.

 Our unique design bird feeder with most awesome viewing window without borders

WELLTED birdhouse is a combination of glory and practicality. It has not only a unique design but also can be used anywhere you like. You can hang it on a tree brunch in your garden or just stick a window birdhouse with suckers on the window of your house or apartment it will give you and your children such close contact with birds.. 

I really like the quality of this acrylic birdhouse, looks very clean. Planning to buy the seeds tomorrow and install at my window. 
Amazing product, this is exactly what I needed for my hallway rug. thank for a great product!
Bought these as a test and am surprised at how well they work. The hair and lint goes on the brush and when inserted into the holder is brushed off and collected for disposal at the bottom of the holder.
Worked as advertised..Birds are enjoying it.
I was pretty surprised at the effectiveness of this product. We go through a lot of sticky rollers trying to eradicate pet hair
Finally found something to stop my rugs sliding