Tired of constantly cleaning the pellets of wool in the house after animals and don’t know how to minimize such worries? There is a solution!

🐶 COMFY – Fur remover brush with 2X DURABLE BLISTERS shows excellent results in cleaning your car seat, carpet, furniture, and clothes from pet hair. Pet Hair Remover brush is an indispensable assistant.

☑️ UPDATED QUALITY 2020 – WE UPDATED THE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY AND STRENGTHENED THE BRUSH HANDLE! Pet lint brush is equally comfortable for all people. Dog hair remover and cat hair remover is a perfect gift.

🔔 DOUBLE-SIDED lint brush removes fur and lint twice as fast as a one-sided lint brush. Pet fur and lint remover with self-cleaning base expels fur and hair from the lint brush easily.

✈️ TIME SAVER & ON-THE-GO BRUSH: Travel-sized pet lint brush is compact for storage in purses, luggage, and ready to go in your bag. This handy pet fur lint remover stays connected to the base for ease of use while you travel.

💯 SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: A pet hair removal is a must-have. MAKE YOUR ORDER TODAY so you can get started on using a hair removal for pets tomorrow!

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ECO Friendly

Handle and box made of recyclable plastic


Anti-allergy fabric with anistatic effect

Size Standard Hair Removal Brush

12in x 1.2in x 2.5in

Size Travel Pet Fur Brush

8.5in x 1in x 2.5in 

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